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Order Kiva Lanyard

Kiva wristbands aren't your style? How about a lanyard instead? Great for toting your keys or wearing an ID card, the Kiva lanyard helps you keep track of your stuff while showing your support for Kiva.

Lanyard is green with the Kiva logo screen printed in white on both sides. Ring fastener is one inch wide, and the lanyard is 18 in (45cm) long.

★ Special! Get 5 for $6! ★
North American Orders
1 for $55 for $10
5 for $6
International Orders
1 for $55 for $10
5 for $6

KivaStore sells promotional products to help spread the word about Kiva.org.
KivaStore is run by volunteers, and sales of existing products go toward reinvesting in new ways to share Kiva with the world.